Bethpage Fire Department

Serving Our Community Since 1910

**********For Emergencies Dial: (516) 931-0666 *******Non Emergency/Public Information Officer (516) 933-6300

Bethpage Fire Department - Serving Our Community Since 1910

Engine Company 7

Engine 7 at Anne Drive House Fire

About Engine Company 7

On January 1, 1985, Engine Company was chartered by the Bethpage Fire Department. This new Engine Company was formed by the combination of headquarters Engine Company 1 and Engine Company 2. These were 2 of the original Engine Companies of the Bethpage Fire Dept. and the former Central Park Fire Dept.

Engine Co.7 was assigned two 1984 Young Crusader II pumpers (1250gpm). Their radio designations became 907 and 9077. These engines replaced 901 (1969 Mack CF) and 902 (1968 Mack CF). In 1991, these Engines were replaced by 2 1991 Pierce Lance pumpers (1500 gpm). Presently, Engine Co. 7 is awaiting the delivery of a 2009 Ferrara Inferno pumper (2000gpm). The new 9077 should be in service in the fall of 2009. Engine Co. 7 also maintains Ambulance 906. All Engine Co. 7 apparatus responds from Bethpage Fire Headquarters on Broadway.

Engine Company 7 has always taken great pride in training all of their members in all aspects of the services that we provide for our community. Some of these areas include firefighting, pump operations, hazardous materials and providing emergency medical care and rescue operations. Our members are part of the Emergency Medical Squad, Decontamination Team, and Tactical Rescue Team and provide community services such as fire prevention and community relations.

Engine Company 7 has and will continue the great tradition of the volunteer fire service by proudly providing fire protection and rescue services to the residents of Bethpage.

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