Bethpage Fire Department

Serving Our Community Since 1910

**********For Emergencies Dial: (516) 931-0666 *******Non Emergency/Public Information Officer (516) 933-6300

Bethpage Fire Department - Serving Our Community Since 1910


Ambulance 906

Decon Team

The Bethpage Fire Department Hazardous Materials Decontamination Team has been formed to facilitate the departments’ capability in protecting its members and the citizens of the community during hazardous materials incidents. The team’s primary role is to augment existing Hazardous Material Response teams. The team is trained to operate in level “A” and level “B” chemical protective clothing and can perform required decontamination. Additionally, the team is trained in performing search, rescue, and the removal of victims, both civilians and emergency responders. The team is neither trained nor equipped to perform mitigation or cleanup. The team is comprised of members from all companies of the department with the team coordinator reporting directly to the Chief of the department.

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