Bethpage Fire Department

Serving Our Community Since 1910

**********For Emergencies Dial: (516) 931-0666 *******Non Emergency/Public Information Officer (516) 933-6300

Bethpage Fire Department - Serving Our Community Since 1910

Fire Hero Learning Network






Courage To Be SafeĀ®

This module provides an introduction to all sixteen Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives and assists the user in taking the first steps toward addressing these initiatives in their job and department. (more)


Curbside Manner: Stress First Aid for the Street

Just as doctors talk about “bedside manner” when talking to patients, the “curbside manner” of first responders really makes a difference in how people experience and process a difficult life event. (more)


Everyone Goes Home: After Action Review

After Action Review (AAR) offers the fire service the opportunity to formalize the tradition of informal post-incident conversations. (more)


Leadership, Accountability, Culture and Knowledge (LACK)

This module educates fire officers how to make changes in their departments that will help prevent line of duty deaths. (more)


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