Bethpage Fire Department

Serving Our Community Since 1910

**********For Emergencies Dial: (516) 931-0666 *******Non Emergency/Public Information Officer (516) 933-6300

Bethpage Fire Department - Serving Our Community Since 1910

Join The Bethpage Fire Department

Students Train at the NCFSA

Students at the NCFSA

Do you have what it takes to be a firefighter? Do you have a desire to help and protect the lives and property of your community? If so then the volunteer fire service is for you. Joining the Bethpage Fire Department will provide you this opportunity.

The Bethpage Fire Department protects the lives and property over 30,000 residents. We have approximately 188 members, all volunteer. We respond to about 1960 alarms this year. Not only do we respond to fire emergencies, but we provide Emergency Medical Services. The department responds whenever fire department action is required whether it be a fire, auto-accident, sick and injured person(s), hazmat incidences, and more.

The department has 3 fire houses consisting of 4 companies.  The fire houses are stationed on the north, south, and center of the fire district.  Members are assigned to the station house that is closest to their home.

Forcible Entry Training

Probationary Firefighters Learn Forcible Entry Techniques

As a new firefighter (probationary firefighter) you will be trained by the department and Nassau County Fire Service Academy. Classes are both classroom and hands-on training.   We take training seriously to limit the risk of injury to any firefighter during training and on the scene of any alarm.

Being a volunteer firefighter is very rewarding.  You will have new experiences, learn new skills, make new friends, and most importantly help protect your community and those in need of help.

Download our membership application today.

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